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"Investment and Construction" Ltd is a company specializing in the construction of residential, office and industrial buildings as well as making all the preceding and accompanying organizational activities.
The company aims to provide high quality construction, met promptly, with great precision and original ideas. We rely primarily on luxury and performance of our buildings as emphasize modern design and attractive interior. The entire activity of the company, from the design table to the last detail, is tailored to the tastes and desires of the customer. For this purpose, a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists take care of the quality performance of each stage of the project - architecture, structural part,. And plumbing systems, infrastructure, landscaping, etc., As the overall design is consistent with the demand for real estate market and the needs of the end user. By utilizing the latest technology and construction materials, ensuring maximum energy efficiency in housing and long life.


• Earthworks
• Concrete work
• reinforcement
• Concrete works
• Masonry works
• Carpentry and roofing works

• Plumbing
• Internal and electrical. Installations
• Installation
• Plastering
• paint
• Waterproofing
• Supply and installation of interior,
reinforced and fireproof doors and garage doors type dropdown wing
• Installation of faience and porcelain
• Installation of cut and polished stone floor and wall tiling

• Waterproofing
• Production and installation of PVC and aluminum windows
• Implementation of the stone cladding
• Installation of thermal insulation systems for facades
and implementation of external waterproof plasters
• Implementation of a decorative metal railings
• Car body work

Stages of construction: Act 14; Act 15; Act 16.

Act 14 e first mechanism exercising control over the construction work and the issue of this document is made after the building structure is adopted. Act 14 is obtained when the building reaches the stage of t. Pomegranate. "Rough construction". This act is of great importance especially because its receipt actually certifies the right to build. Along with the act of establishing a certificate issued by the municipal administration under Art. 181, para. 2 of TDA.
Act 15, it establishes that the building is finished. The document is signed by both the competent officials and the owners of units in the building. By compiling this act is performed to deliver the construction and construction documentation from the developer to the developer.
Act 16 is issued to certify and to authorize the use of a building, which is associated with the ability building to be put into operation and to regularly live in neya.Tova use permit is finishing act finaliziravsyako construction and it certifies that actually object to which it relates is available to be put into operation, ie fit to live in nego.Tozi document is issued once it is established that there is an approved construction project and it is made fully compliant with the investment project approved and certified property rights.